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Exquiste Chicken Specialties

Chicken Mushroom – 10.95
Boneless chicken and baby Mushrooms cooked in a blend of tomato and onion based sauce. Medium spicy.

Chicken Korma - 11.50
Chicken cooked in a moderately spiced cream sauce with nuts, raisins and saffron - fairly mild dish.

Chicken Dalcha -  10.95
Succulent Chicken cooked in a moderately spiced Yellow Lentil sauce. Great over basmati Pillav. Medium spicy.

Chicken Sagwala - 11.50
Tender pieces of chicken simmered in a delicately spiced creamed spinach. Served mild, medium or spicy.

Butter Chicken  - 10.95
Freshly cooked boneless chicken tikka breast from Tandoor are simmered in a tomato based butter sauce. 

Chicken Badami – 11.50
Boneless chicken cooked in a ground almond,cashew nut and poppy seeds sauce mellowed with coconut. Mild to Medium. 

Kadhai Chicken - 10.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in thick tomato based  masala sauce and finished with kasoori methi

Chicken Masaledar -10.95
A real treat - Tender peices of chicken cooked with sliced onions, bell peppers in ginger, garlic, tomato masala. 

Chicken Tikka Masala -11.50
Freshly cooked, juicy pieces of the chicken tikka from the Tandoor - immersed in a creamed coconut butter sauce

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