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Fragrant Lamb

Lamb Roganjosh – 11.95
Lamb in a classic Kashmire style dish with tomatoes, yogurt and spices. Medium spiced.

Lamb Korma – 12.95
Lamb in moderately spiced coconut cream sauce with nuts and raisins. Fairly mild.

Lamb Badami – 12.50
Lamb cooked in a ground almond, cashewnut and poppy seeds sauce mallowed with coconut, Mild to Medium spicy.

Lamb Sagwala – 11.95
Tender morsels of lamb simmered in a delicately spiced creamed spinach. A must for spinach lovers. Medium.

Lamb Jalferizi – 11.95
Boneless lamb marinated with ground spices & sauteed with tomatoes, onions, bell pepper & cabbage. Medium.

Lamb Tikka Masala 12.95
Boneless pieces of marinated lamb tikka cooked in tandoor immersed in  creamed coconut butter sauce. Medium spicy.

Goat Meat Curry  - 12.95
Goat meat on the bone cooked in a spiced rich masala. Medium 

Keema Matter 12.95
Minced lamb blended with green peas, tomatoes fresh herbs and spices. A juicy delight served mild to medium.

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