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Tandoori Specialties

Tandoori Chicken - 11.95 
Chicken leg pieces marinated in yogurt and spices roasted  in clay oven. 

Tandoori Fish Tikka - 15.95
Cubes of Fish marinated in the traditional style and baked in the clay oven.

Lamb Tikka – 14.95 
Boneless lamb marinated in a blend of rich herbs and spices, char grilled. 

Chicken Tikka - 11.95 
Boneless morsels of chicken marinated in yogurt and fresh ground spices, char grilled. 

Shish Kebab - 11.95 
Minced lamb with onions,  herbs and spices roasted in tandoor.  

Tandoori Shrimp - 14.95 
Jumbo shrimp marinated in yogurt and red Goan Masala, cooked in the clay oven. 

Mixed Grill - 14.95 
Tandoori chicken, shish kebab, chicken tikka and lamb tikka.

Paneer Tikka –11.95
Seasoned chuncks of home made cottage cheese baked with bellpeppers, cabbage and onions.

Tandoori Shimla Mirch-10.95 
Fresh bell peppers stuffed with spiced grated vegetables roasted in clay oven.                                             

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